Basic ConnectOne Usage and Profile(Part-1)35 min
Basic ConnectOne Usage and Profile(Part-2)35 min
Basic ConnectOne Usage and Profile(Part-3)43 min
Collection Box Voucher2 mins
Donation Voucher2 mins
Donation By Gift Voucher2 mins
Donation Register5 mins
Internal Transfer Voucher3 mins
Notebook6 mins
Payment Voucher - Advance Payment2 mins
Payment Voucher - Credit Entry2 mins
Payment Voucher - Multiple Item & Cash,Bank,Adjustment, Credit5 mins
Payment Voucher - Multiple Items in same bill paid in Cash2 mins
Payment Voucher - Single Item paid in Cash2 mins
Donation Form Printing2 mins
Donation - Requesting a Receipt 6 mins
FD New2 mins
FD Close5 mins
FD Renew4 mins
Payment Voucher - TDS Specific Entry5 mins
Payment Voucher - Land & Building Part-13 mins
Payment Voucher - Land & Building Part-2(Construction Related)8 mins
Creating a New/Existing Saving Bank Account2 mins
Receipt Voucher - Refunds od Advances and Deposits8 mins
Receipt Voucher - Saving Bank & Others2 mins
Journal Voucher - Discarding a Movable Asset2 mins
Resetting Password if you Forget Password3 mins
Managing Magazine related information 5 mins
Managing Magazine Subscription Types 6 mins
Managing Magazine Subscription Types Fees4 mins
Managing Magazine Issues7 mins
Managing Magazine Dispatch Types4 mins
Printing Labels & Reports in Dispatch Register4 mins
Creating and Managing Opening Memberships4 mins
Adding a New Member for Subscription15 min
Searching a Existing Member8 mins
Checking Due Balance for Existing Member3 min
Posting payment received from Existing Member3 min
Extending Subscription for Existing Member3 min
Managing Membership related information 30 mins